TSTool processes time series data, in particular to create model input files and process model results for StateCU and StateMod.

Major Features:

  • Displays, manipulates, and analyzes time series data interactively or in batch (automated) mode
  • Provides access to viewing and analyzing data, and command editors through the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Provides error feedback
  • Handles a variety of data formats that can be used outside of the CDSS modeling environment

Common Uses:

  • Process, view, and analyze large amounts of CDSS/HydroBase Online data
  • Translate time series data from one model format to another
  • Fill data gaps for modeling
  • Automate production of graphical data products


Name Description File Type Release Date
TSTool Version 14.5.3 A tool that allows time series data to be easily viewed and analyzed. Updated to pull HydroBase REST services Application 01/23/2023
TSTool User's Manual Version 14.5.3 User's Manual HTML 01/23/2023
TSTool Release Notes Version 14.5.3 - Provides information about changes that have occurred in TSTool versions. HTML


TSTool Training and Help Materials Self-paced training guides with examples HTML 12/21/2021

For earlier versions of TSTool, please go to the OpenCDSS web page for TSTool here: https://opencdss.state.co.us/tstool/