StateDMI (Data Management Interface) is used to automate processing, provide quality control, and format data for CDSS software tools, such as StateCU (consumptive use) and StateMod (surface water).

Major Features:

  • Processes model data directly from HydroBase Online and other sources into files, in a usable format, for modeling purposes
  • Processes most other non-time series model-related data, including stations/structures, water rights, and the model network
  • Uses simple comma-separated value (CSV) files for input and output, to facilitate data exchange with spreadsheets and other tools
  • Provides command files that result in a self-documenting, repeatable processes that streamlines model creation

Common Uses:

  • Format raw CDSS/HydroBase Online data into model-ready format for use in StateCU or StateMod
  • Manipulate model data outside of the model data sets


Name Description File Type Release Date
StateDMI Version 5.1.5 Creates StateCU and StateMod input files from HydroBase and other data Application 3/2/2022
StateDMI User's Manual User's manual - Version 5.1.5 PDF 3/2/2022
StateDMI Release Notes Release notes - Version 5.1.5 PDF 3/2/2022
StateDMI Training and Help Materials Self-paced training guides with examples - Version 03.11.01 Self-extracting Zip file 8/26/2010