The CDSS Open Source Initiative (OpenCDSS) brings CDSS software, including StateMod, StateCU, StateDMI, StateView, and TSTool, to an open source environment. Source code for this software is now hosted on the OpenCDSS GitHub page. Detailed information about the OpenCDSS project can be found on the OpenCDSS website. The OpenCDSS website and GitHub repositories focus on software development whereas the CDSS website will continue to focus on software releases and model datasets that are used in State of Colorado projects.

The goals of the OpenCDSS project are to:

  • Improve development and maintenance processes for the software
  • Increase the transparency of CDSS software
  • Grow the developer and user community for the software

Open source licensing has been attached to each software project to allow for public contribution and legal protections for the State of Colorado. Developer environments have been modernized and open source tools and packages are used for development. Workflow and testing protocols are being documented and improved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is OpenCDSS?

OpenCDSS is the CDSS software open source initiative jointly managed by the CWCB and DWR.

How do I contribute?

Contributions can be submitted through GitHub repository issues and pull requests. Contributions may consist of code, documentation, tests, or other content. A repository admin can accept or reject the changes. Contributors will be asked to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). See directions on our GitHub page.

How do I report a bug or request an enhancement with CDSS software?

Bug reports and enhancement requests can be added using the Issues tool on the GitHub repository for a software product of interest. Issues will be evaluated and prioritized.

What Licensing does CDSS open source software use?

Licensing varies by type of product, but general categories include:

  • Software is covered by GPLv3+.
  • Documentation and datasets are covered by CC-BY4.0.
How do I make changes and compile CDSS software?

Each piece of open source software has developer documentation that describes how to edit and compile the software. If the developer wishes to contribute changes to the projects, see "How do I contribute?" above. For instructions on use of Git, see the CDSS / LearnGit website.

Will other CDSS software be migrated to OpenCDSS?

Yes, it is a goal to have all CDSS software not currently incorporated, such as the Lease Fallow Tool and Aug 3, available as Open Source projects in the future.

For further questions, please email Brian Macpherson at the CWCB.