The State of Colorado's HydroBase database is maintained by the Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR) and contains water rights, structures, diversions, irrigated lands, streamflow, and other data.

There are numerous ways to access HydroBase data:


Online Tools

The CDSS Online Tools were revamped in 2018-2020 and provide search and display tools in a web browser.

DWR Web Services

The CDSS REST services provide HydroBase data programmatically for consumption by outside entities. Users can request data from the services in two ways:

  • Enter a properly constructed URL in your browser or other application (such as a spreadsheet)
  • Send a properly constructed request object with a header

Map Viewer

Tool to access and view spatial datasets within HydroBase.


Attach Locally

Images of HydroBase are released periodically by DWR's FTP Site. These images are often used for modeling purposes and can be queried with CDSS software such as TSTool and StateDMI. See the linked webpage for instructions how to attach the database locally using the HydroBase Database Manager software. How to Install the Full HydroBase Database from the Cloud (Internet).

Colorado Information Marketplace

Bulk datasets extracted from HydroBase can be accessed in several formats. Not all HydroBase datasets are available.