StateWB was developed to calculate a basin-wide water balance and generate a consumptive use (CU) and losses summary.

Major Features:

  • Uses a Microsoft Access database to calculate an area's water budget and generates CU and losses reports
  • Relies on a mass balance equation in which inflows minus outflows equal changes in storage
  • Calculates the water budget on a monthly, annual, or average annual time step

Common Uses:

  • Calculate the water budget on a basin-wide scale


Name Description File Type Release Date
StateWB Model Version 2 StateWB, the State of Colorado\'s Water Budget and Consumptive Use and Losses Reporting Tool, was developed to perform three functions: 1) a basin wide water balance, 2) generate a Consumptive Use and Losses Summary, and 3) generate a Consumptive Use and Losses Report. StateWB is a Microsoft Access database which utilizes custom forms for data entry and queries for performing the mass balance of a water budget and generating the CU and Losses reports on a monthly, annual, or average annual time step. Application 12/22/2009
StateWB Documentation This document was prepared to explain the features and functions of StateWB and presumes the reader has a basic understanding of water budget analyses PDF 12/22/2009
Colorado Basin Consumptive Uses and Losses Report The Colorado River Basin Tributaries in Colorado Consumptive Uses and Losses Report, 1971 through 2005, was generated through StateWB. Report, tables and graphs are summarized in five-year increments. Zip File 12/22/2009