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Map Viewer is a free, web-based GIS application that provides water feature information in the form of an interactive map of Colorado. Features can be selected and identified, and links are provided to more detailed information and data available for download for that feature.

There are a variety of map viewers designed with specific tasks in mind. To see a list, check out DWR's FAQs. The maps below are the most commonly used for DSS purposes. Looking for AquaMap? It's gone, but its functionality can be found in many of the maps below.

Map DescriptionLink
DWR Map Viewer: All inclusive map viewer with over 170 map layers of DWR and CWCB data. (Use the Layer Catalog to add layers that are not pre-populated.)

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DWR Well Permit Viewer: A map viewer with data used to research well permits. (Use the Layer Catalog to add layers that are not pre-populated.)

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CWCB Data Viewer: View data specific to CWCB instream flows, Construction Fund loans, recreational in-channel diversions (RICDs), WSRF grants and more.

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CDSS SNODAS Tools: The SNODAS tools page provides interactive analysis tools to explore historic snowpack from 2003 forward.

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At this time, CDSS Map Viewer is best viewed in Chrome, however, it does work in all browsers.


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