Lease Fallow Tool

The Lease Fallow Tool (LFT) can be used to evaluate potential lease fallow pilot projects. The LFT was developed to simplify and streamline the evaluation of historic depletions (consumptive use) and return flows from irrigation and the review of lease-fallowing projects.

Please refer to the User's Manual to install the LFT. An install file is available to install the LFT along with the prerequisite Matlab R2014a MCR on Windows 32 and 64bit computers.


  • If the MCR or a previous version of the LFT has already been installed, it is recommended to download a zip of the most current LFT files and copy new files into the LFT folder. The LFT and files will be updated periodically.
  • Although the MCR should be installed to its default location, the LFT itself should NOT be installed within the "Program Files" folder (recommended C:/LFT, etc.)


Name Description File Type Release Date
32bit Installation 32bit installation file Application 10/11/2019
64bit Installation 64bit installation file Application 10/17/2019
32bit Files Files required to use with the 32bit installation Zip 10/11/2019
64bit Files Files required to use with the 64bit installation Zip 10/17/2019
User's Manual User's Manual and software documentation PDF 1/26/2016