RGDSS Modeling Data

RGDSS Phase 6 Groundwater Model and Response Functions

Update 7/12/2016

RGDSS Phase 6 Groundwater Model Documentation Corrected Memorandum: The RGDSS_P6_GEO_Manassa.pdf memorandum included in the zip file under the 6/17/2016 release was incorrectly marked as draft on the title page. This final memorandum has changed the title page wording from draft to final. No other changes were made to the memorandum.

Release 6/17/2016

RGDSS Phase 6 Groundwater Model Documentation: Thirty-six project memorandums plus a summary memorandum are provided in a zip file as documentation for the RGDSS Phase 6 Groundwater Model.
Data Request: This link takes you to the ftp site where there are 6 zip files which can be downloaded individually. These zipped files are Information required under paragraph 5(B)(I)(a) of the MCMO and responses to requests made pursuant to paragraph 5(B)(I)(b) of the MCMO.

Release 9/23/2015

RGDSS Dataset: Note: By clicking on the link below, you will start a download of the compressed RGDSS Dataset. The single file that will be downloaded is 21 GB and the uncompressed dataset is 145 GB, which will require your computer to have more than 166 GB available space. You may request a copy of the dataset by bringing a new unopened 32GB flash drive, of sufficient size, to the State Engineer's Office in Denver.
RGDSS Dataset Phase VI Model Files (21GB zipped / 145GB unzipped)
Response Functions Only(159MB zipped / 287MB unzipped)