AUG3 2019 Update Summary

What is AUG3?

  • AUG3 is a collection of Microsoft Windows based computer applications that calculate stream depletions from well pumping in the Denver Basin Aquifers.
  • AUG3 originated as the Denver Basin Groundwater Model and was to determine the location of non - tributary groundwater within the Denver Basin aquifers.
  • Now the tool is used by water users to determine stream depletions for Denver Basin aquifer wells in the not-nontributary groundwater areas.

February 2019 Update Includes:

  • There are now 4 AUG3 Apps:
    • SB5 Original Application (5-year timestep)
    • SB5 Original Application (1-year timestep)
    • Designated Basin Application (5-year timestep)
    • Designated Basin Application (1-year timestep)
  • New convergence criteria for the numerical models that improves efficiency and mass balance
  • New presentation on old tables for all applications
  • Completely Re–designed Designated Basin applications
  • Re-designed User Manual – with key references & model grids for all windows
The Denver Basin aquifer system consists of four aquifers that underlie the plains of Colorado to the east of the Rocky Mountains.

Contact the CDWR Modeling/DSS Team should you have any issues or questions.

Denver Basin Aquifer Schematic

Courtesy of USGS