StateView is an interactive data viewing tool for the CDSS HydroBase that also has a spatial component.

Major Features:

  • Displays for real-time data from CWCB and DWR's Satellite Monitoring System
  • Displays for administrative data, including water rights, structure information and call chronology
  • Display for historical data, including streamflow and diversion time series
  • PowerPoint training materials

Common Uses:

  • Help users find specific data housed within HydroBase
  • HydroBase queries, such as finding data based on criteria
  • Selective viewing of data in tabular form and detailed views
  • Export of data for other tools


Name Description File Type Release Date
StateView An interactive data-viewing tool for the State of Colorado's HydroBase database. Version 4.02.02 Application 4/16/2013
StateView User's Manual HydroBase data viewer user\'s guide - Version 4.02.01 (Valid for 4.02.02) PDF 9/19/2011
StateView Release Notes Provides information about changes that have occurred in StateView/CWRAT versions. Version 4.02.02 PDF 4/16/2013
StateView Training and Help Materials Self-paced training guides with examples - Version 4.02.01 (Valid for 4.02.02) Self-extracting Zip file 9/19/2011